Selected Press & Media

  • Saudi Inc. The Arabian Kingdom’s Pursuit of Profit and Power by Ellen R. Wald, PhD. (New York: Pegasus Books Ltd., 2018) Page 167 and 168.
    “In contrast, Brid Beeler, who accompanied her husband, an American government employee, to live in Riyadh in the late 1980’s and then returned regularly, relayed more positive impressions. …Beeler became a travel consultant and regularly arranged and accompanied tours of the country for foreigners.”
  • Ethnic Jewelry of the Arabian Peninsula, Chester Beatty Library Calendar: July 24, 2018,-Trips—Holidays.aspx
    She went to live in Saudi Arabia in 1989 and became interested in the native Bedouin jewellery selling in the local suqs. Later, while living in Oman and Yemen, her interest in jewellery matured as she became involved with other serious collectors
  • A Journey in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Global Adventuress Blog by Patricia Stone
    Brid Beeler, our local expert, is an expat who lived 10 years in the Kingdom, and she knew exactly where to take us. I followed her to the spice store and picked up whatever she was putting in her basket. We stocked up on frankincense, myrrh, giant cinnamon sticks, saffron, pine nuts, white figs, and Saudi dates…
  • How to Visit Saudi Arabia, Travel + Leisure, August 24, 2016
    “The tour will be led by … Saudi Arabia expert and guide, Brid Beeler, who will lead a small number of adventurers on a guided tour of the secret wonders that lie behind Saudi Arabia’s borders…”
  • Tourism Consultant Brid Beeler talks Tourism to Saudi Arabia, Rudy Maxa’s World with The Careys, 23 July 2016, Hour 1, Segment 2.
    “As I said at the top of the hour, Saudi Arabia may not be at the top of your bucket list for travel, but there are some in the Saudi Government who would like that eventually to change. My guest Brid Beeler joins me now, she is a Washington-based tourism consultant. She organizes and leads customized tours to Saudi Arabia…”
  • Will Saudi Arabia Open Itself Up for Tourism? Wall Street Journal, July 15, 2016
    “It is the last frontier of tourism,” said Brid Beeler, a Washington-based tourism consultant who organizes and leads rare customized tours of Saudi Arabia. “There are no places in the world like it, that are so unknown…”
  • Richard Bangs Quest – Exclusive Invitation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, March 9 – 18, 2016
  • Saudi Arabia Explorer
    “She is a true pioneer of adventure travel tourism to Saudi Arabia, and one of the few modern-day adventurers who has traveled extensively to every corner of the Kingdom.”
  • Escape From Yemen, Huffington Post 08/09/2012
    “So, the original route was abandoned, and we went via Wadi Abida and the Abida tribe who were giving all the trouble to the Yemeni government, the most dangerous route one could travel at that time…”
  • A Rebirth for the Middle East? Travel & Leisure, May 7, 2009
    “The Supreme Commission for Tourism is not selling tourism,” says Brid Beeler, who runs Oakland, California-based Worlds Apart, which takes groups to the kingdom. “They’re looking at different forms of tourism to see where the potential is.” So far, the Saudis are planning to promote snorkeling, handicrafts, natural history, and archaeological sites. “The pre-Islamic Nabataean ruins in Madain Saleh are essential,” says High Country Passage’s Voll.
  • Signs of Investor Confidence in Tourism, Arab News, May 22, 2003
    “I feel that tourism in this region is for a particular type of person, not for the average individual,” Brid Beeler, director of Worlds Apart, a California-based travel agency whose most recent tour group to the Kingdom returned to America last week, told Arab News. “It has to be somebody who is interested in Islam, in its culture, its traditions, the people and the food.
  • Tourism potential remains untapped, US Expert says, Arab News, December 5, 2001
    “The Kingdom has a good potential for promoting specialized tourism but is not making the most of the opportunity. A lack of professionalism in the market and a dearth of good tourist literature are to blame, according to an American tour operator with extensive knowledge of the Arabian Peninsula.” … She has been invited by the National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development for presenting a paper on eco-tourism at an upcoming conference being sponsored by NCWCD.

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