The Mission

To give an in-depth cultural experience, not just a superficial glimpse of the region.


The belief that cultural awareness and a global education acquired through exploration and travel is a necessary component in enriching the lives of today’s society.


  • Promoting meaningful cross-cultural understanding.
  • Observing a strict environmental code of conduct “Leaving nothing but footprints in the sand, in time erased by the wind.”
  • Supporting local craftsmen and women, buying food locally and working with locals in each region helping to support and sustain communities.
  • Enriching the travel experience by providing interactions with local people.
  • Creating educational components in all tours that offer meaningful cross-cultural understanding as well as a sense of discovery.
  • Bringing the spirit of exploration and discovery alive by joining the select few exploring the vast Arabian deserts of the Empty Quarter and Wahiba Sands, remote archaeological sites and mountainous regions.
  • Creating an accurate and informative media impression of the region.

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