More than thirty years ago, Brid Beeler went to live in Riyadh and stayed for ten years. From those beginnings, she has carved a unique niche for herself by offering exclusive tours to Saudi Arabia, Oman and elsewhere in the region.

Like explorers who went before her, Thesiger, Thomas, Doughty and Blunt, she has explored every nook and cranny of the Arabian Peninsula. Her knowledge of Saudi Arabia’s history, geography, wildlife and culture is exceptional. In Oman, an enchanted land of mountains, sea and sand, she delights in sharing the history of this ancient seafaring nation, along with such wonders as the Grand Canyon of Arabia.

Brid was the pioneer of inbound adventure desert tourism to Saudi Arabia back in the 1990’s when she operated Worlds Apart Expeditions, a company which she founded, giving many an opportunity to visit Saudi Arabia and explore the Empty Quarter. Since those early days, she continues to take tour groups to the Kingdom, the Sultanate and elsewhere in the region.

With a wealth of destination knowledge, experience and expertise in managing expeditions and cultural tours, combined with program management, logistics, and on the ground reviewing, refining and putting the finishing touches on your trip, Brid is available to consult on developing new cultural programs providing extraordinary expeditions and managing your tour.

She has worked with diplomats, royalty, government officials, foreign delegations, celebrities, the media, and business leaders, in addition to university travel alumni programs and adventure travel companies.  A self-professed globe-trotter, she is equally at home in both world capital board rooms and remote desert regions.

If interested in traveling with her or needing assistance in the development of a specific cultural program or desert expedition, please contact her for further details.

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