Cultural and Desert Journeys – Oman

Jilali & Mirani Forts – Historical Muscat

Oman is a land of forts, castles and round towers, fortifications which protected the Sultanate for centuries.

An evening dhow sail, provides a perfect way to appreciate the maritime life of Omani traders, as we marvel at the architectural splendor of the 16th century Portuguese forts of Jilali and Mirani guarding the waters of the Sea of Oman.

Sur – Journey of Sinbad the Sailor

From the shipyards of Sur, Tim Severin, the British Explorer sailed by dhow, named the Sohar, on his voyage inspired by the fabled journey of Sinbad the Sailor,  a journey of 9,600 kilometers chronicled in the publication “The Sinbad Voyage”.

Jebel Shams – the Grand Canyon of Oman

Oman’s Interior is home to the Western Hajjar mountain range, endless wadis, date palm plantations, apricot blossoms and bee hives. Jebel Shams is Oman’s Grand Canyon and renowned as a trekker’s paradise.

Jabrin Castle – Al Ya’aruba Dynasty

Dating from 1670, Jabrin Castle is situated near Bahla’s World heritage site and is the most beautiful historic castle in the Sultanate. Transporting the viewer to another era, you discover ornately painted ceilings, Koranic verse and decorated walls that echo carpet designs reflecting Persian influence from bygone times.

Musandam – the Norway of the Middle East

The Musandam is a place defined by rugged coastal mountains cut by the dark inky waters of the deep fjords, home to over 20 of the world’s 80 varieties of dolphin found here in large numbers.

A dhow cruise to Telegraph Island, sailing past the tiny fishing hamlets, will almost certainly be accompanied by families of dolphins playing alongside.

The Wahiba Sands – As Sharqiya

Follow in the footsteps of explorers like Wilfred Thesiger in Oman’s Wahiba Sands, named after the Bani Wahiba tribe.

A night in this awe-inspiring desert, taking in the silence and vastness of the sands is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of modern day life.

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